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Exclusive Educational Consultants was founded in 2015, in Turkey as Educon Canada, with the mission of helping families reduce anxiety as they navigate the complex post-secondary school search process with a special focus on maximizing scholarship potential. Our highly personalised approach has helped students from around the world find the “right fit” -- academically, socially, and financially -- at both post-secondary and high schools across Canada and abroad. 

Our coaching process assists students who want to apply to high schools, colleges and universities in Canada by reducing uncertainty and improving acceptance rates and academic success. Each year the counselors travel to universities, community colleges and high schools to make certain they can provide thier students and families with the most up to date information and recommendations about educational institutes and make certain the school 'fits' the student's needs.


Reasons to Choose EEC

Experienced Educational Consultants

Receive new ideas and options

Save time and money

Reduce stress, confusion & anxiety

What is an Independent Educational Consultant?

Independent Educational Consultants (IECs)  can provide a student and family with exclusive attention;  knowledge of hundreds of educational opportunities from personal knowledge, and take the time to explore all of the options with their advisee. This personal insight provides clients with a much deeper understanding of a school or university than any catalog or website can communicate.

Independent consultants have a broad knowledge of schools and colleges and can provide more choices for your school list, provide essential help in weighing factors such as cost, location, and curriculum. Because and IEC is not tied to any specific school or college, they are available at the family’s convenience-not just during school hours during the school year.

How to choose an independent educational consultant?

When you meet with an independent educational consultant you should ask the following questions: 

1. Do you guarantee admission to a school,?  (An ethical counselor will not make any guarantees.)

2. How do you keep up with new trends, academic changes, and changing campus cultures?  How often do you get out and visit college, school, and program campuses and meet with admissions representatives?

3. Do you belong to any professional associations?

4. Do you attend professional conferences or training workshops on a regular basis to keep up with regional and national trends and changes in the law?

5. Do you ever accept any form of compensation from a school, program, or company in exchange for placement or a referral?

6. Are all fees involved stated in writing, up front, indicating exactly what services I will receive for those fees?

7. How long have you been in business as an independent educational consultant (IEC)?

8. What was your background prior to going into independent educational consulting? What were your training and education?

9. Will you use personal connections to get me into one of my top choices? (The answer should be NO. An IEC doesn’t get you admitted—they help you to demonstrate why you deserve to be admitted.)


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