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Exclusive Educational Consultants was founded in 2015, in Turkey as Educon Canada, with the mission of helping families reduce anxiety as they navigate the complex post-secondary school search process with a special focus on maximizing scholarship potential. Our highly personalised approach has helped students from around the world find the “right fit” -- academically, socially, and financially -- at both post-secondary and high schools across Canada and abroad. 

Our coaching process assists students who want to apply to high schools, colleges and universities in Canada by reducing uncertainty and improving acceptance rates and academic success. Each year the counselors travel to universities, community colleges and high schools to make certain they can provide thier students and families with the most up to date information and recommendations about educational institutes and make certain the school 'fits' the student's needs.


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Who Am I?

My name is Lana Neufeld-Yilmaz and I have over 24 years experience in education, as a teacher, counsellor, and a mother.

A native Canadian from Saskatchewan, I moved to Turkey in 1992 where I spent 21 years teaching ESL in private middle schools.

While teaching, I assisted students and my own children to plan and pursue their education abroad. I found that the process can be easily accomplished when everyone is educated and aware of what their options are and what they need to do. However, when I started guiding my own students to prepare to complete their post-secondary education abroad, I realized that not being in Canada or the destination country put them at a disadvantage. This is when I began to consider the importance of informing students who are creating their roadmaps to arrive at their dream school abroad.

After retiring from teaching in 2014, I completed the Independent Educational Consultant Program through the University of California, Irvine in 2016 and began the process of travelling throughout Canada, Holland and the U.S.A. attending University fairs, meeting with admission officers, visiting boarding schools, colleges, universities and attending professional conferences.

The more I traveled, the more I learned and realized that to truly support students I needed to focus on fewer countries and in 2018 chose to focus on Canada and to providing information, advice and guidance related to career exploration, skill acquisition, job search and maintenance in Canada.

Each student I work with becomes like my own child.  As I work with each family and their child to educate them about the admission requirements and application process and then to create a roadmap to reach their goal of admission to the ‘best fit’ school for them.  I am thrilled to support them while working through the stress of applying and during the anxiety of waiting for a decision.

Each student’s success becomes my own success and I am so proud of them as I watch them grow and change as they prepare to go off to university and beyond.

For me, the greatest success is when a student attends a school where they can grow emotionally, socially and academically.

My goal is not to ‘get’ a student in, but to see them graduate having reached ‘their’ full potential.

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Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton, ON, Canada


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